Litigant in Person Pro Bono Service

The service provides free advice and support to unrepresented people facing bankruptcy, Employment Court or Employment Relations Authority proceedings in Auckland.


Phone: 09 377 9449

Office location:

Auckland Community Law Cetnre, Level 2A, Tasman Building, 16-22 Anzac Ave, Auckland CBD


You can contact us through the contact details above.




Contact us at the contact details above, or come to our clinic at the Employment Relations Authority (Auckland only - No appointment necessary).


Location: Level 10, 280 Queen Street, Auckland.

Times: Wednesay 1:30-4:30pm

Aims of the Self Representation Service

The Service’s objective is to ensure that unrepresented parties understand their rights and responsibilities and are supported to take the best course of action to present their case and resolve their disputes.

Specifically, the Service aims to help unrepresented individuals to:

  • understand the law

  • observe court rules and procedures

  • prepare documentation necessary to pursue or respond to legal proceedings

  • be aware of potential orders and the effect of not complying with orders

  • present their case in the best possible manner, and

  • resolve disputes in the most efficient and favourable way.

How it works

People eligible for assistance will have a one-hour appointment with one of a team of volunteer lawyers provided by ACLC.


The appointment will be at the Auckland Community Law Centre. The appointment may include:

  • advice about the merits of their case

  • legal advice about the issue at court

  • assistance in preparing documents, including correspondence and court forms

  • advice about other options to resolve the issue

  • information about court orders and procedures.

Depending on the nature of the matter and the circumstances, eligible people may be offered more than one appointment to support them throughout their case. The Service provides task-orientated assistance in preparation for court; it does not provide legal representation. All litigants are expected to take full responsibility of their own legal proceeding.

How to apply for assistance

Unrepresented people are encouraged to phone the Service on 09 377 9449 to discuss their assistance requirements and to find out whether the Service is likely to be able to support them. Applicants can also email us at 

The Service will contact those who are eligible for assistance and offer them an appointment to meet with a lawyer at the Court. Phone or video conferencing appointments will be provided to those who cannot attend in person.

The Service also accepts referrals from other legal services and caseworkers.

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