Employment Court - Employment New Zealand Website

Information about going to the Employment Court, challenging an Employment Relations Authority (ERA) decision, representing yourself in Court, and costs involved. 

Employment Relations Authority - Employment New Zealand Website

Provides help with going to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA), representing yourself, making a claim, and the fees and costs involved. 

What to Expect at the Employment Court - Employment Court Website

Information about how to defend a challenge or claim and about the process before, during and after a Court hearing. 


Apply to the Employment Court - Employment Court Website

A step by step process showing how to resolve an employment relationship problem. Includes information about raising a personal grievance, mediation, filing a statement of problem with the Employment Relations Authority and filing a challenge with the Employment Court. 

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Frequently Used Forms - Employment Court

A list of sample forms to download that are frequently used in the Employment Court. 

Personal Grievance Sample

A sample of a personal grievance letter. A personal grievance is a type of complaint that an employee may bring against a current or former employer. 

Statement of Claim Sample

A sample of a statement of claim letter. This is a statement you make if you can make if you are unhappy with the decision of the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). 

Statement of Defence Sample

A sample of a statement of defence letter. 

Application for Leave Sample

A sample of an application for leave letter. 

Schedule 1 (Forms) - Employment Court Regulations 2000

A list of forms from the Employment Court Regulations which you can use as examples. 

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